How to use the steam mop for tile?

How to use the steam mop for tile?

Steam mops are rated as the best cleaning method to solve household hygiene problems. Since its inception, this device has been trusted by modern housewives and has become a powerful cleaning tool.

Steam mops help clean the house quickly, save time and bring high efficiency. That’s why housewives are so fond of using this product. If you don’t know How to use the steam mop for tile, this article would be the right place for you.

Benefits of the steam mop for tile

  • Quick cleaning of stubborn stains

The housewives will not have to struggle, take time for cleaning the tile floor in your house anymore. Thanks to the technology of hot steam directly handling dirty stains on the floor. You also do not need to use any other type of cleaning solution, but the floor surface is still cleaned quickly and effectively.

  • Killing pathogenic bacteria

The steam mop is integrated with the function of hot steam spray, giving off high water temperature. The device has the ability to kill bacteria, mold, ticks, … adversely affecting your family’s health.

Helping the tile floor always clean, being a healthy environment for family members. No need to use additional cleaning chemicals. With extremely strong hot air is spread to help the floor clean quickly after only a few minutes.

Hot steam can kill 99.99% of common bacteria in the family. Therefore, there is no need to combine any other cleaning chemicals. Maximum cost savings, while ensuring hygiene standards for people.

  • Compact design, easy to use

The smart steam mop is usually small in size, simple and easy to use; Suitable for all kinds of floors especially tile floor and areas of the family. This machine can mop into every corner like under the table, under the cabinet, or under the stairs.

The body is long, so users do not have to bend their backs to clean the house, do not cause fatigue, do not hurt joints so that it is often trusted by housewives.

  • Integrated many features

Not just cleaning the floor, the steam cleaner can also clean different surfaces. In fact, the hot steam mop products on the market will be equipped with additional features to change to meet all cleaning needs in every surface and space such as cleaning the interior of cars, family furniture, kitchens, windows, glass doors, and mirrors, …

  • Repairing and maintaining steam mop is quite easy

The steam mop has a simple structure, so maintenance is relatively easy. Depending on the device, it is possible to wash absorbent pads or filters after use. This means that the steam mop will last longer. You will save money on repairs and replacement of the head of the mop.

How to clean tile with a steam mop

The tile floor cleaner machine works similarly to a pressure cooker: Water is heated in a closed tank and evaporated for a period of 30 seconds to 6.5 minutes, depending on the device. From one liter of water, the machine can generate 1,700 liters of steam and is capable of cleaning an area of 75 m2.

The kettle is integrated with the pressure booster. Here, only the required amount of water is heated to ensure quick, economical. When the water boils, steam is released through a steam nozzle at a temperature of 100 degrees C, a pressure of 3.5 bar and a speed of about 170 km / h.

The higher the speed, the pressure, the better the solubility, the better of dust removal. In particular, wipes use non-woven microfibers, can effectively absorb more water and dirt, less wear and dry faster. Depending on the needs, users can assemble these nozzles to maximize the cleaning of areas in the kitchen.

In addition to the kitchen area, users can also use the machine to clean floors, bathrooms, windows, deodorize clothes, remove long-term grease, tiles … without too much effort. The machine operates completely thanks to clean water, environmentally friendly and no chemicals.

Therefore, users can avoid allergy problems, good for the skin and safe for children, pets…To use the steam mop for tile, users assemble spare parts according to the instructions and then fill the kettle with water. After the indicator light is ready, you use the steam nozzle to clean the tile floor as well as other areas on demand.

The detailed guide for a steam mop

We will instruct you a step-by-step guide to the steam mop for tile, but the instruction might be different a little bit depending on different steam mop types

  • Get up to about 400 mL of water into the water tank on the machine.
  • Plug-in power (220V), turn the control knob with 2 levels min and max.
  • Leave for about 60 seconds for the water to form a vapor.
  • Move the steam mops to places that need cleaning.
  • When done, unplug.


Now you have well known about How to use the steam mop for tile. If you are planning to buy a household appliance then steam mop is the best solution. It is a safe, convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning product.