How wide should my Kitchen Extractor Fan be?

How wide should my Kitchen Extractor Fan be?

To keep the kitchen space fresh and airy, the installation of a Kitchen Extractor Fan is essential especially for small kitchen spaces, the kitchens of apartments. However, today’s Extractor Fan products come in many different sizes. In this article, we would like to introduce to you How wide should my Kitchen Extractor Fan be and help you choose the best cooker hood to fit the kitchen space of your family.

How to choose the right size Kitchen Extractor Fan

The Extractor Hood has 3 standard widths including 60 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm, in addition to Freestanding Cooker fans having bigger sizes such as the Canzy CZ-350C model with a diameter of 1100 mm … Non-standard products are quite rare and not popular.

If installing a Hood Extractor Fans, the three standard sizes are immutable, you should design this kitchen cabinet very carefully, avoid installing non-standard or too small to dismantle later.

1.  Kitchen Extractor Fan width of 60cm

This size is often of the classic cooker hood. The model has a compact size, the direct suction mode through activated carbon, easy to disassemble, suitable for small kitchen cabinet. Featuring low cost, low noise and moderate suction power (450-750 m3 / h) ensure clean air in your kitchen.

Some best selling 60 cm Kitchen Extractor Fan: Cata TF 2003 DURALUM 60, Canzy CZ-CO 60I, Sevilla SV-60 Black, etc.

2.  Extractor Hood size 70 cm

This is the most common size of the range of  Kitchen Extractor Fan on the market. This type of hood needs kitchen cabinets that need sizes from 710 mm – 720 mm to be able to install the best.

This type of hood is available for all classic models, curved glass, straight glass, T-shaped glass, or beveled glass, etc. This is also a common hood type designed by professional kitchen workers to suit many modern kitchen spaces.

The hood of width 70cm usually has the capacity of from 750 – 1200 m3/h, ensuring up to 90% removal of unpleasant odors in the kitchen space. This cooker hood can fit most kitchen sizes.

The suction engine of the machine usually uses a coaxial motor or a powerful turbine engine to create a large power with noise maintained at 45-60 dB.

3. Kitchen Extractor Fan size 90 cm

All curved glass hood models can replace the glass to a 90 cm size simply, the classic models of Cata, Fagor, Teka, Faster, Hafele … are all 90 cm. This type of extractor hood is quite picky due to the need for the large size of kitchen cabinets to match the size of the machine. This also partially limits the popularity of this model.

In terms of suction power and machine noise level, it’s only equivalent to the 70cm Extractor Fan, so if it’s not too important in the size of the machine or the proper kitchen cabinet design, you should choose the 70cm Kitchen Extractor Fane that is most suitable.

4. Unpopular-size Kitchen Extractor Fan

There are a number of strange designs of kitchen hoods with sizes of 75 cm, 80 cm, 85 cm, 95 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, most of which are not common due to the design of standard kitchen cabinets with 3 sizes 60 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm.

Therefore, if you choose these models you must buy the machine first and ask for kitchen cabinets close to the size of the machine to avoid dismantling needlessly.

How to know the required extraction capacity for your kitchen

You are able to define the right capacity of the Kitchen Extractor Fan according to the kitchen area. The smaller the kitchen area, the greater the capacity of the hood, because the small kitchen space has less airflow, the smell of food will stay more concentrated and longer so you need a large capacity machine to clean the atmosphere.

Firstly, you need to know the exact area of your kitchen. From there, calculate the volume of air in the kitchen. Why must we know this parameter? Because according to research by respiratory doctors in Europe, the air in the kitchen should be refreshed at least 6 to 10 times an hour.

For example, your kitchen has a length = 5m, breadth = 2m and height = 2.5m. The calculated kitchen volume is: 2m x 5m x 2.5m = 25 m3. Thus, to ensure that the air is renewed 10 times/h, the volume of air to be circulated is 25 m3 x 10 = 250 m3/h. From there, the suction capacity of the appropriate Kitchen Extractor Fan must be 250 m3/h.

Assuming an average floor-to-ceiling height is 3 m; To make it easy to remember, you only need to take the maximum suction capacity of the hood (indicated on the product specification table) divided by 30, to know if this hood is used for an area of ​​the kitchen (length x width) maximum is how much. For example:

The hood has a capacity of 350 m3/h → for rooms of 12 m2

The hood has a capacity of 600 m3/h → for rooms of 20 m2

The hood has a capacity of 1100 m3/h → for rooms of 36 m2

Types of Kitchen Extractor Fan and proportional capacity

  • Classic hood

This Kitchen Extractor Fan has small in size and simple design. Besides, the price is also quite affordable, so it is chosen by enormous housewives. However, the minus point of the classic Extractor Fan is that the design is not diverse and less sophisticated. The suction capacity of this type of hood is also quite low, only from 400 – 550 m3 per hour.

  • Downdraft extractors

This built-in hood is designed with an ultra-thin design of 60 – 90 cm, suitable for small area kitchens. This machine can be slotted into the worktop of the kitchen. Users only need to press the button, the downdraft extractors will pop out immediately. The suction capacity of this kitchen extractor fan is only about 400 m3 per hour.

  • Chimney hood

This is often the choice of families with large and spacious kitchen space, high frequency of kitchen use. This device is quite diverse in style and features. The maximum suction rate can reach 1,300 m3 per hour.

  • Island cooker hoods

This type of Kitchen Extractor Fan will satisfy owners who require high aesthetics and sophistication. The sharp, luxurious design of the island-style Extractor Fan is very suitable for modern and spacious kitchen space.

Besides, the preeminent features are also outstanding points compared to other cooker hoods. The suction capacity of this machine is about 800 m3 per hour.


Hopefully, our sharings and information above will serve you about How wide should my Kitchen Extractor Fan be. Installing the extractor hood properly and reasonably will create the most efficient operation for the machine and thereby give users the clean, safe and pleasant kitchen space.

So do not ignore the necessary and useful notes when choosing to buy, install and use a Kitchen Extractor Fan.