How to use the steam mop for tile?

The special thing from this mop is the material of the mop, they are woven from synthetic microfiber according to the most advanced technologies, helping them absorb high temperatures & distribute heat efficiently without causing Any damage to the floor, including wood floors.

How to use Videla Steam Mop is also very simple

– Take up to 400ml of water into the water tank on the body of blood

– Plug in power (220V), turn the control knob with 2 levels Min & Max.

– Leave for about 60 seconds for the steam to form a vapor.

-Move the mop to places where it needs to be cleaned

– When finished cleaning, unplug and fold storage neatly


How to clean kitchen knife sets?

1. Never put a knife into the dishwasher or immerse in water. This will loosen the handle of your wood, making it difficult for your knife to use. In addition, the knife can be hit hard with other objects in the dishwasher, damaging the blade.

2. Keep the knife always nice and sharp. Weekly sharpening is as simple as a small stone or knife sharpener. It is also a good idea to re-sharpen the knife before each use. Try to avoid cutting hard objects like planks, ceramic, or glass if you want to keep the knife always sharp. For effective and fast sharpening, it is recommended to soak the grinding stone in water for about 10 minutes before grinding. You should also note in